Weddings are always special in any circumstances, especially Indian weddings exhibit larger than life attitude with unique rituals and celebrations according to individual traditions and values of the family. People plan about their wedding day very diligently and hiring the best wedding photographers is one among the list.

Photography is the best evidence and sweet memory of your wedding that you can cherish for life. Jodi clickers are top candid wedding photographers specialized in destination weddings. We have covered over 9 countries and various cities like Mumbai, Kolkata, London, Goa and many more.

At Jodi Clickers, we have expert wedding photographers who thoroughly invest time to bring out the unique story that every wedding has to tell. We provide various packages personalized to the needs of our clients. Here are some of the reasons why to choose us for your wedding day.

Destination Wedding Photography

We are professional destination wedding photographers in India and cover various cities pan India and several other countries too. If you are looking for the best candid photographers in Kolkata, then we arrive at your location to seize all your special moments at your wedding day.

Customized Wedding Packages

At Jodi clickers, we are well aware that each wedding has its own needs and requirements. Therefore, we offer customized wedding packages based on the client’s interests and demands. We offer services such as candid photography, traditional photography, wedding films, portraits to capture authentic moments of the bride, groom and the family.

Award-Winning Photographers

Our passion and dedication led us to where we are today with several awards to cherish our achievements. We are deemed as top candid wedding photographers in Mumbai and several other cities. Still, the greatest achievement for us is to capture all the emotions of your wedding beautifully and authentically.

Capturing Perfect Essence of Your Wedding

At the end of the day, photography is all about capturing all the right moments at your wedding day. Be it the traditional rituals, the fun photographs with friends, formal family portraits, candid pictures, we strive to capture every moment and essence of your wedding through our photography and wedding films.

If you are looking for top candid wedding photographers in London, Mumbai, Kolkata and Goa, etc., then reach out to Jodi Clickers for best wedding photography packages.